Über uns

Reycom develops, builds and integrates hybrid, IPTV and OTT Settop boxes with applications and system software into complete TV and video content delivery solutions.

Our cross platform approach in close cooperation with leading hardware-, software- and manufacturing partners gives us the flexibility to propose customized and optimal solutions to every client’s requirements.

We value professional integrity and product quality as basic preconditions for building the trust required for establishing a long-term stable relationship.

Reycom is a Swiss company founded by Pascal Rey, CEO. We work with teams in Europe, Asia and the USA for bringing together innovative spirit and state-of-the-art solutions at affordable cost, employing hardware- and software engineers with multi-annual track records in design and production of high-end media centers and classical Settop-boxes.

Our mission is to achieve outstanding customer satisfaction and to generate an optimum of  user benefits. This applies not only to our large customers, whom we assist in increasing their network operations efficiency by implementing remote management technologies, but applies just as well to end-users, who get high-quality access to the magnificent multimedia diversity via our devices in the easiest way.

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